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ICROBOT is an organization providing professional robotics education to children aged 3-16. As a branch of "I Create Robot," a company with 15-year experiences in robotics education and technology, ICROBOT has a strong foundation in research and development in technical devices/tools and robotics curriculum.

ICROBOT Limited aims to provide experiential robotics educational programs to children in an engaging and enriching environment with professional and supportive teachers and coaches. We focus on Children’s experience, and we believe experience is the best way of learning. At our classes, we provide a variety of activities to engage children in observation, communication, logical thinking, problem-solving, and individual/teamwork, aiming to facilitate children's social emotional development.

We Focus on Children’s Experience

Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.

-- Albert Einstein

Learning by Doing

Hands-on activities are the basic elements of each lesson

Experiential Learning

Multiple subject knowledge results from the combinations of grasping and transforming the experience.

Improve Problem Solving Skills

Practice the problem-solving loop in real projects. Help children create an active mindset.

Teamwork to Inspire Collaboration

Team competitions are designed to help children collaborate with each other.

Stimulate Children’s Imagination

Engaging and interactive content offers a more inclusive and accessible learning experience.

Build up Children’s Confidence

Project-based lesson gives children a sense of achievement and pride in their work.

15 Years of Experience

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