Our Programs

Programs Overview

Ages: 3 - 16

ICROBOT aims to provide age-appropriate coding and robotics educational programs to children in an engaging and enriching environment.

Preschooler Foundation Program

Ages: 3 - 6

The self-developed ICBlocks can provide children with the opportunities to practice pairing, sequence and operation in different themed units.

Bricks Mechanical Engineer

Ages: 6 - 8

The self-developed ICBricks embedded with rich mechanical structures can build up the spatial skills of children.

Scratch Magic Coding

Ages: 8 - 12

There are 3 levels courses(beginner, intermediate and advanced) which can strengthen children’s logical thinking skills step by step.

Coding with Micro: bit

Ages: 9 - 13

This course use sensors to detect the external environment, view data through OLED display, and control actuators.

Intelligence Manufacturing

Ages: 10 - 14

It combines science, life, art with 2D and 3D design. Through 3D printing and laser engraving technology, the tasks are designed to stimulate children's creative thinking.

Arduino Creative Programming

Ages: 11 - 16

Children could learn circuit knowledge in daily life and creative development kit using the self-developed Arduino modules. This course combines C programming language and the knowledge of optics, acoustics, 3D design, etc.

AI in Python Programming

Ages: 12 - 16

The self-developed ICPad AI programming workstation is used to complete tasks such as face recognition, AI voice interaction, dynamic object detection and colour recognition.